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Funding application for 11 projects gets the green light

The Beckum town council gave the green light for this at its meeting on 19 October. Accordingly, an application for funding for the following ISEK projects is to be submitted to the Münster district government by the end of October:

  • Conversion of Neubeckum leisure centre/city library
  • Conversion of schoolyard/ neighbourhood square at Ennigerloh-Neubeckum comprehensive school
  • House and yard programme
  • Verfügungsfonds
  • City centre management
  • Redesign of forecourt of Neubeckum leisure centre/city library
  • Upgrading the town hall forecourt
  • Street furniture and planting
  • Redesign of the town twinning square
  • Redesign of Villa Moll Park
  • Redesign of the eastern Hellbach valley

All projects contribute to the enhancement and further development of Neubeckum's city centre. Funding opportunities for the area around the railway station will be explored at a later date.

IUDC Neubeckum

All other items on the agenda were also adopted unanimously.

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