A bird's eye view of Beckum

Integrated urban development concept for Neubeckum town centre
(ISEK Neubeckum)

An integrated urban development concept (ISEK) has been developed for the inner city of Neubeckum in an open civic process.

The council of the city of Beckum unanimously adopted the IUDC Neubeckum on 25 June 2020:

On 9 September 2021, the council of the city of Beckum unanimously approved the supplement to the IUDC Neubeckum (extension of the area coverage):

  • What is the IUDC Neubeckum about?

    The Neubeckum town centre performs an important supply function for the entire district. With its neighbouring settlement areas, it should also maintain its functional capacity in the future. The overall aim is to secure the district as an attractive place to live and work.

    An IUDC is a suitable planning instrument for recording the diverse topics, interests and demands in the district and preparing them in a locally adapted and results-oriented manner.

    The IUDC provides a perspective for the future development of Neubeckum that identifies measures for challenges such as demographic change, restructuring in the retail sector and the need for renewal of public spaces and infrastructure. Integrated urban development concepts are also required in order to apply for urban development funding for the implementation of measures.

  • Documentation and interim results of IUDC development

    Final presentation on 10 July 2019

    The final presentation concludes the entire planning process as well as the projects, strategies and instruments for steering the future development of Neubeckum town centre.

    Thank you very much for your participation!

    Here you can find the documents for the final presentation:

    Project workshop on 9 May 2018

    In the project workshop, possible projects and measures for the future development of Neubeckum's inner city were presented and discussed and concretised with 65 participants.

    Thank you very much for your active participation!

    Here you can find the documents on the project workshop:

    Planning workshop on 5 December 2018

    In the planning workshop, the topics of the kick-off event were taken up and further concretised. 75 participants developed ideas and solutions for four in-depth areas: Railway station and surroundings, main street and surroundings, town hall forecourt with the town twinning square and Hellbachtal.

    Thank you very much for your active participation!

    Here you can find the documents on the planning workshop:

    Launch event on 7 November 2018

    170 people from Neubeckum attended the kick-off event for the IUDC and contributed numerous suggestions and ideas. We thank you very much for your interest and commitment!

    Here you can find the documents on the launch event:

  • Neubeckum framework plan from 1988

    The urban development of the core area of Neubeckum has been determined by the Neubeckum framework plan since 1988. Based on this concept, the main street was redesigned to reduce traffic and can now be experienced as an attractive shopping street. A variety of measures were implemented to upgrade the public space and a network of cycle paths was developed.

    Neubeckum on the railway line

    The opening of the Cologne-Minden railway in 1847, today one of the main lines of the German railway from west to east, marked the beginning of Neubeckum's era. Thanks to the railway connection and the emerging cement industry, the independent district, which today has around 10,300 inhabitants, developed steadily. The Neubeckum coat of arms, with its depiction of the railway line, shows the great importance of the railway for Neubeckum.