Municipal wastewater company Beckum to Lippeverband?

Operating committee approves open-ended audit

Städtische Abwasserbetrieb Beckum, as an owner-operated company, assumes the municipal wastewater disposal obligation. At its meeting yesterday, the works committee agreed to examine the transfer of this duty to the Lippeverband with an open mind. This means that the administration now has the green light to investigate and weigh up the pros and cons of such a takeover.

Mayor Michael Gerdhenrich emphasises: "We are still at the very beginning of this open-ended review, so we do not yet know whether we will ultimately take this step or not. However, this consideration is by no means the result of dissatisfaction with the work of the municipal wastewater company. Quite the opposite. Our colleagues are doing an excellent job. Nevertheless, it is important to find solutions to the major challenges facing our city." However, it is still too early for detailed questions.

The transfer of the wastewater disposal obligation to the Lippeverband results in potential synergies, such as more experience - for example through the operation of over 50 wastewater treatment plants -, specialised personnel for special tasks or advantages in procurement.

It is already clear that investment planning and the authority to charge fees will remain with the city. "Fee increases due to a transfer of the wastewater disposal obligation are ruled out," says the mayor. The Beckum City Council will have the final say on the review on 19 December.