Barrier-free access to the city of Beckum

The city of Beckum is a public authority.

In an authority, for example, you can submit an application.

The goal of the city of Beckum is a barrier-free internet site.

The apps of the city of Beckum should also be barrier-free.

Accessibility is written into various laws.

For example:

  • Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance NRW
  • Disability Equality Act NRW
  • Disability Rights Convention of the United Nations

Our website and our apps need to become even more barrier-free.

That is what we are working on.

We have already done that:

There is sufficient contrast.

The font is large.

The menu is clear.

You can operate the navigation with the computer mouse.

There are texts in plain language.

And there are videos in sign language.

You can easily find all services and contact persons via the search.

The language is understandable.

With the keys Ctrl and + or - the font can be enlarged or reduced.

The texts are read aloud.

We describe the pictures. These texts are readable for reading devices.

The texts are also easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.

Our documents are PDF files.

PDF files can be read aloud well.

That's not possible yet:

We only have a few texts in plain language.

And only a few videos in sign language.

Our videos do not have subtitles yet.

Please help!

We want to keep you well informed.

We look forward to your suggestions:

There is a form at the bottom of each page.

You send this to us.

Then we can improve our website.

Can we improve something else?

Then send your idea to

This declaration was prepared on 5 March 2024.