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    Who is entitled to reimbursement of school travel costs?

    There is a right to reimbursement of school travel costs if the journey to school is the most difficult for the pupil.

    • Primary level
      at primary schools and the corresponding classes at special schools more than 2 kilometres
    • Secondary level I
      more than 3.5 kilometres and
    • Secondary level II
      more than 5 kilometres

    amounts to.

    The city of Beckum is obliged to reimburse the necessary school transport costs if the above-mentioned conditions for entitlement are met.
    There is no obligation to provide transport.

    What is the relevant route to school?
    The school route is the shortest footpath from the home to the nearest school of the chosen type of school (primary school, secondary school, grammar school, comprehensive school), for primary schools also of the chosen type of school (Catholic or Protestant confessional school, community school).
    The school route starts at the front door and ends at the nearest entrance to the school property.
    The distance is determined with the help of the TIM-Online geoservice and, in individual cases, with a calibrated measuring wheel.

    Are travel costs reimbursed if the pupil wishes to attend a school other than the nearest one?
    If the pupil wishes to attend a school other than the nearest school, travel costs will only be reimbursed up to the amount that would be incurred if the pupil were to attend the nearest school. Consequently, no travel costs will be covered if no travel costs would be incurred when going to the nearest school.

    What costs are reimbursed?
    The necessary costs for the most economical transport are covered. As a rule, this is the use of public transport or special school transport. The school authority decides which is the most economical form of transport. The administrative costs incurred and any follow-up costs must also be taken into account.

    How do pupils obtain their school ticket?
    The parents or guardians apply for the payment of school travel costs via the respective school. Both the SchulwegMonatsTicket for the use of public transport and the entitlement card for the use of special school transport are handed out to the pupils in the schools.
    For the following school years, the school travel ticket is issued without a new application. The approval of the travel allowance is valid for one school year. Changes in the general conditions or changes in the law may lead to new conditions of approval.

    What should I do if I lose my school ticket?
    A lost student ticket must be reported immediately to the school secretary's office.
    The loss of the SchulwegMonatsTicket must also be reported immediately to the respective transport provider.

    This is currently:

    Regionalverkehr Münsterland GmbH
    05451 9428-24

    Costs arising from the loss of the SchulwegMonatsTicket must be borne by the parents or guardians themselves.

    What do I have to do if I move house?
    All changes, e.g. a change of residence, must be reported immediately to the school or to the City of Beckum, Fachdienst Schule und Sport. It will then be checked whether the conditions for entitlement still exist.
    In particular, the SchulwegMonatsTicket must be returned immediately to the City of Beckum via the school once the entitlement has ceased.

    Who can answer further questions about school transport?
    Anke Fehse is the person responsible in the school and sports department of the city of Beckum.

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