Tree sponsorship for the city anniversary

Jordano and hanging willow grow together

To mark the 800th anniversary of the town, the town of Beckum raffled off a sponsorship for the planting of a jubilee tree on the Future Mile. The wheel of fortune stopped at the tree sponsorship for around 50 people. Then the lot decided.

"We think it's really great that Jordano can follow how the tree will grow together with him," explains Nadja Vollbracht. A hanging willow was planted, which can reach a broad, sweeping crown and a total height of 15 to 20 metres.

Jordano on the hanging willow
Jordano likes nature and, of course, "his" hillside pasture.

Viewed from the bridge over the Werse at the confluence of the Rüenkolk, the rapidly growing deciduous tree will also ensure that the people of Beckum will be able to remember a sensational festival weekend for a long time to come. And Jordano will certainly be visiting "his" tree regularly.