"Salzburger Hofmusik" in the old vicarage in Vellern

Exquisite programme delights guests

Wolfgang Brunner, Katharina Andres and Ernst Schlader brought along a harpsichord and seven baroque wind instruments from the 18th century, whose characteristic sounds harmonised perfectly with the selected pieces of music.

In addition to compositions by Godfrey Finger and Christoph Graupner, the trio also performed sonatas by Georg Friedrich Händel and Georg Philipp Telemann as well as a French Suite by Johann Sebastian Bach. In addition to well-known composers, the "Salzburger Hofmusik" revealed discoveries that left the audience wondering why these composers are almost forgotten today.

Founded in 1991 by the musician Wolfgang Brunner under the name "Salzburger Hofmusik", the ensemble performs worldwide in various formations and is primarily dedicated to musical works from the 17th to the early 19th century. By using historical instruments or faithful copies of the originals, the fascinating colourfulness of the music of that period is brought to life even more vividly.