NeoBarock presents "Reflections"

This collection of contrapuntal art reflects the ensemble of 20th century works by Isang Yun and Victor Kalabis, which has been expanded to include a transverse flute.

The baroque original can be experienced in a contemporary interpretation. This gradually changes our perception, allows us to hear it in a new context and reveals the timeless relevance of the music.

Since its foundation in 2003, the Echo Klassik prizewinner NeoBarock has earned a reputation as an excellent interpreter of exceptional programmes with captivating interpretations and musicologically sound concepts.

The five musicians present rediscovered rarities on the violin, the baroque violin, the transverse flute, the baroque cello and the harpsichord in exciting and richly evocative concert programmes, while also making listeners sit up and take notice with innovative perspectives on standard works.

Buy tickets now
Tickets for the first concert of the 2023/24 season are available in advance for 23 euros at the Beckum town council offices, 02521 29-3350,, at the box office and online. Admission is from 19:30, the concert starts at 20:00.