Violence against women and domestic violence: Easy language

Violence is bad

All people are allowed to live free of violence.
Women and girls experience violence more often.
When this happens, it is called gender-based violence.

Gender-specific means:
Women and girls experience violence because they are women and girls.

No form of violence is ok.

Laws have to be changed.
Society has to change.
We all have to do something.

  • Istanbul Convention

    Istanbul Convention

    Istanbul is a large city in Turkey.

    The European Council met there.
    The European Council is a group of politicians from Europe.

    They have concluded a contract.
    The contract states what they want to do together against violence.

    Germany has signed the treaty.
    The treaty has been in force since February 2018.

    It's a long contract.
    It's also available in plain language.

  • Round Table against Violence against Women and Children in the District of Warendorf

    Round Table against Violence against Women and Children in the District of Warendorf

    In the district of Warendorf there is a network against violence against women and children.

    A network is a group of people.
    They all work on one task.
    They come from different organisations.
    They have a common goal.

    There is a website of the network.
    The website is in difficult language.

  • Genital cutting

    Genital cutting

    The vaginais a female sexual organ.
    The vagina is between a woman's legs.
    The vagina consists of several parts.
    The labia and the clitoris.

    In some countries, something is cut away from the vagina.
    That is the custom there.

    A group does something often and regularly.
    This is called custom.
    It is a habitual behaviour in a community.

  • Cat-calling


    It's an English word.
    It means cat-calling.

    Cat-calling is harassment in public.
    For example:

    • Someone whistles at them in the street.
    • They are insulted on the street.
    • But they are not touched.

    This is also called everyday-sexis-mus.

    The word sexism comes from the English language.
    Sexual innuendos are called out.

    For example:

    • horny ass
    • kissing sounds are made
  • Cyber-mob-bin


    These are 2 words from the English language.

    Cyber is pronounced
    zei ber
    It means on the internet.

    Mob-bing is a form of violence.
    Mob-bing means mental violence.

    For example:
    Lies are told about Susanne.
    What Susanne says are said to be lies.
    Then many people think Susanne is bad.

    People who do mo-bbing are bullies.
    A bully makes someone else feel bad.

    Hate-aid can help.
    It's an English word.
    It's pronounced like this
    het eed
    It means hate-aid.
    We say better hate-aid on the internet.

    Hate-aid is an internet site.
    It is written in difficult language.

  • Sexism

    Sexism is violence.
    People are treated worse because they have a certain gender.

    A group of people are dealing with sexism.
    They call themselves the Alliance Against Sexism.

    They have a website.
    There is a lot of information there.