Men: Easy language

Men and equality

The Basic Law of Germany states:

No one should have disadvantages, whether man or woman.

Women and men have the same opportunities.

And they have the same rights.

That means equality.

Privately or professionally, everyone should live the way they want to.

Equality means, for example:

Women and men receive the same pay for the same work.

Women and men share the care of the children.

The policy helps to achieve this.

Men are important for equality.

  • Strong men get help

    Men can have problems.
    They cannot solve the problems on their own.
    They need help.

    You can get help.
    There is help in the district of Warendorf.

    The help in the district of Warendorf is called Real Men Talk.
    In Germany, the Men's Counselling Network helps.

    The internet pages are in difficult language.

  • Survival kit for men under pressure

    There is a survival-kit for men under pressure.
    Sur-vi-val-kit is an English word.
    It is pronounced like this:
    It means survival-help.

    Sometimes men have too much stress.
    Then the Sur-vi-val-kit can help.

    It is made during Corona.
    It also helps without Corona.

    The website is in difficult language

  • Inter-national Men's Day

    19 November is International Men's Day.
    It has been around since 1999.

    Many do not know that.

    That's the point:

    • Men-get-sound-ness
    • Equality
    • and much more
  • Fathers

    Women take over the upbringing of the children.
    Fathers want to do the same.

    The website Erfolgs-faktor Familie has written something about this.

    The pdf is not barrier-free.