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Here you can find information on events organised by the Equal Opportunities Officer.

There is also other information here.
These are important for women.

  • Events

    Women's Swimming

    Only women and girls are allowed to swim in the indoor pool.

    Only women work in the indoor pool.
    Bathing clothes must be worn.

    Here are the dates soon

    It's from 5 - 8 p.m.
    There is an entrance fee.
    Girls pay 2 euros.
    Women pay 3.50 euros.

  • Care

    The picture shows the participants of the Alliance for Care Work who met in Berlin on 16 March.

    Care work

    Many families take on the care of family members.
    This is often done by the women of the family.

    They are not paid for this work.
    There are even more problems than payment.
    Many things still need to change here.

    A group of people have got together and want to change something.
    The group is called: Bündnis Sorge-arbeit.
    Sorge is another word for care-


    There is an association for carers.
    Ms Edeltraut Hütte-Schmitz is on the board.

    In January, she said what carers did in 2019.
    They spent 7.2 billion hours caring.
    That would have cost 90 billion euros.

    Almost only women care.
    Then they can't work well themselves.
    They only work a few hours.
    Or not at all.

    This service helps the nursing shortage.
    Nursing shortage means there is a lot of work.
    There is not enough staff.
    Nursing shortage is a lack of staff.
    Especially in hospitals and nursing homes.

    This does not help the women.
    They then lack money in old age.

  • Further education

    Further education

    Further education means:

    You learn something new.
    For example, for another profession.
    Or about an interesting topic.

    Grown-up people can do that too.

    For example, at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
    Or the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

  • 2nd Beckum Women's Week

    March is Women's Day.
    It's celebrated all over the world.
    It's always on 8 March.

    Women fight for their rights.
    They want the same opportunities.
    They want better protection from violence.
    They want the same pay as men.

    They have joined forces to achieve this.

    We have the same goal in Beckum.
    Women are interested in many topics.

    That is why there has been a Beckum Women's Week every year since 2023.

    The dates for 2024 are still being worked on.

    That's why we got together.
    We planned events together.

  • Pension gap

    Every year, a calculation is made of how much pension women and men receive.
    This follows a certain pattern.

    Then everyone can see who gets more or less pension.

    Unfortunately, women still get less pension.

    The difference between the pensions of women and men is called the gender pension gap.
    That's English.
    It's called the gender pension gap.

    This refers to the difference between the pensions of women and men.

    The Federal Statistical Office has calculated how big the difference is.
    The picture shows it clearly.

    Once you calculate what a person gets for themselves alone.
    That's the right comparison in the picture.
    That's how much the person has paid into the pension through their work and is now receiving.

    On the left you can see another comparison.
    If you were married and a partner dies, you also get something from this pension.
    So you get a pension for your own work and something from the work of the other person.