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The Beckum Cement Route is a 27 km long local cycle route of the city of Beckum. It not only connects the districts of Beckum, Neubeckum, Roland and Vellern, but also the regional and supra-regional cycle routes in the city area such as the WerseRadweg and the 100 Castles Route.

The Cement Route offers great impressions of past and present industrial cement production in Beckum. It leads along abandoned sites of industrial culture to the landscape oases that run like a string of pearls through the Beckum cement district. In addition to the cement plants, the quarries in operation or already recultivated with their diverse nature and the large landscape lakes form an impressive backdrop for the cement route.

Along the way, you will experience the charming Münsterland park landscape with numerous forests, meadows and cornfields and the gently rolling landscape of the Beckum Hills. The Beckum cement route offers a breathtaking touring experience for cyclists of all ages. The cement route is also very attractive for families with children and the route is easy to master. Of course, you can also hike, walk, jog or walk along the cement route.

The city of Beckum hopes you enjoy discovering the Beckum cement district.

Information material

The cycle map with all the information is available from the City of Beckum's Citizens' Office department at Beckum Town Hall, Weststraße 46, and at Neubeckum Town Hall, Hauptstraße 52, as well as at the City Museum, Markt 1.

You can download the cycling map here:

Cycling map cement route

You can find all information about the Cement Route for download here:

Information Cement Route

Video of the cement route

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