East Road

Oststraße with the former "Zu den drei Kronen" restaurant

The pub already existed before the current building at Oststraße 15 was erected - at that time still under the name Jürgens, until Franz Topp married into the family. As there were three pubs with the name Jürgens in Beckum at the time, it was finally decided to rename the pub "Zu den drei Kronen".

In 1875, the current building was constructed with a ballroom on the first floor, which many Beckum residents will no doubt remember from various carnival sessions, club celebrations and even funerals.

Over 135 years later, "Zu den drei Kronen" finally closed its doors in 2013. The building was finally remodelled in 2017. Today, there are several barrier-free flats and a speech therapy practice.

The building has been a listed building since 1988.