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Forms at a glance

The following applications can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Building permit

Building permit procedure pursuant to § 65 BauO NRW 2018

Simplified building permit procedure pursuant to § 64 BauO NRW 2018

Notification of change of use pursuant to § 64 paragraph 2 BauO NRW 2018

Exemption from approval pursuant to § 63 BauO NRW 2018

Advertising system

Land division

Notification for the removal of installations

Approval of the complete removal of installations Section 62 (3) sentence 2 BauO NRW 2018

Building specification

Operating description for commercial installations

Operational description for agricultural and forestry facilities

Request for derogations

Leaflet on the statutory building measurement obligation

Drainage display

Drainage display


Inspection of building files

Request for inspection of building files

Building encumbrances

Application for information on building encumbrances

Application for registration of a building charge

Application for cancellation of a building charge

Info sheet building encumbrances


Structural engineering statistics

Building construction statistics - Survey form for building permit

Building construction statistics - survey form for building exits


Certificate of Completeness

Application for a certificate of seclusion

Leaflet on the certificate of seclusion


Species protection

Species protection - Protocol A applicant (information on the plan/object)

Species protection - Protocol B applicant ("species-by-species" protocol)