A bird's eye view of Beckum

Beautifully designed - The environmental calendar provides information on the environment and waste

The environmental calendar of the city of Beckum

The Beckum environmental calendar has been around for more than 25 years. It has become a helpful companion when it comes to information and contact details for waste disposal and recycling. It also provides information on various environmental topics. This year, it has been designed entirely in the context of our 800-year town anniversary and shows many historical pictures from Beckum's town history and provides information about many events to mark the anniversary.

The 2024 environmental calendar was printed in a climate-neutral way. An offset was paid for the emissions generated during printing to support the "Clean drinking water at schools in Africa" project. You can find out more on the pages of the climate initiative of the print and media associations.t.

Environmental calendar 2024 for download

Never miss a collection again - Tonnenticker app provides reliable reminders

Quite useful: The Tonnenticker App

In pyjamas at the breakfast table. There is a rumbling outside. A thought pops into your head: It's rubbish collection day! But you can only see the lights of the rubbish truck from behind. This no longer happens with Tonnenticker pro, the waste app for smartphones from AWG, Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft des Kreises Warendorf mbH. It reminds the residents of Beckum in good time of the upcoming refuse collection.

AWG developed the Tonnenticker pro in cooperation with 18 towns and municipalities in the districts of Warendorf and Gütersloh. The GEG (Gesellschaft zur Entsorgung von Abfällen Kreis Gütersloh mbH) and a specially commissioned agency were also involved. We want to use different information channels and address the residents as directly as possible," explains Michael Dierkes, project manager at AWG and GEG.

"The paper waste calendar is sometimes put away too well," say the staff of the City of Beckum's Environment and Greenery Department, "and when the collection cycle is postponed due to public holidays, the wrong bin or even no bin at all can be found on the street. The Tonnenticker pro provides a remedy: After a few basic settings*) by the user, the smartphone reliably reminds the user to put out the right waste bin.

With the small application, breakfast can be enjoyed in your pyjamas with peace of mind, because thanks to the "ticker", the waste bin has long since been parked by the road.

The Tonnenticker pro can be found in the corresponding app stores and can be downloaded there free of charge.

*) Import personal appointments under the menu item "Pick-up appointments" by selecting the plus symbol in the calendar area on the smartphone. The reminder times are freely selectable. The reminder becomes active at 6 a.m., but can be changed by setting.


Waste Navi - another way to find out about collection dates

With the waste navi you can create your own individual waste calendar. Simply select your street from the list. You can then also download and print out an annual calendar.

In addition, you can display the dates individually or be notified of the corresponding collection dates by e-mail. It is also possible to transfer the data to your own Outlook calendar via an iCal file provided.