Civil engineering

"Am Volkspark" completed - cycle path under construction

The carriageway is smooth, parking bays and unsealed surfaces ensure more peace and quiet on the street "Am Volkspark". The renovation of the street "Am Volkspark" - a project from the integrated urban development concept (ISEK) - has been completed. Since the end of September, the street in Neubeckum has been completely rebuilt over a length of more than 450 metres in two construction phases. In addition to the more attractive appearance, cycle paths and footpaths are now strengthening cycle and pedestrian traffic. On the one hand, this improves the connection between the town centre and the Hellbachtal valley and, on the other, the tourist infrastructure, as the road is located on the "cement route". The unsealing and tree planting (15 new trees) also serve to protect the climate. Barrier-free access and tactile elements make the road more accessible.

"Anyone who knew the road before knows that it was time to do something about it. The result helps to calm the traffic," said Mayor Michael Gerdhenrich at the opening ceremony. He thanked the political groups and everyone involved in the construction work. The road is not quite finished yet: the trees will be planted in autumn and the road junctions will be marked in red.

The "Am Volkspark" remodelling in figures:

  • 225 working days
  • 6,540 man and machine hours
  • 2,500 square metres of asphalt roadways
  • 2,075 square metres of newly paved footpaths
  • 190 square metres of newly paved car parking spaces
  • 90 square metres of tactile systems (grooved, studded and contrast panels)
  • 980 metres of new kerb channels and kerbs
  • 75 metres of tactile kerbs
  • 285 square metres of new green spaces
  • 15 new trees (common hop hornbeam)
  • Intersections marked in red
  • As an ISEK project, the measure was funded with 60 percent (EUR 337,000) of the eligible expenditure with urban development funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government (standard programme "Vibrant centres" of the funding programme for urban and municipal development of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government).
  • The costs are expected to remain within the calculated range.
Group of people in front of construction site
Paving the way for the 1st cycle route: from left Horst Schenkel, Dr Christian Hofbauer, Denise Grünebaum, Mayor Michael Gerdhenrich, Uwe Denkert (all City of Beckum) and Jörg Rottmann (Rottmann company).

Eichendorffstraße is being converted into the first cycle lane
The conversion of the neighbouring Eichendorffstraße is also a project from the ISEK. In addition to a more attractive appearance, the aim here is also to improve the infrastructure for cycle traffic. The cement route also runs along here.

However, the conversion work on Eichendorffstraße goes a decisive step further: the street in Neubeckum is the first street in Beckum to be converted into a cycle lane. This means that cyclists will have priority after the conversion. The junctions will be marked in red and the entire route will be marked with broad lines to make it easier to recognise.

Parking will be completely reorganised as part of the conversion work, which will help to reduce traffic conflicts. There will be 78 designated parking spaces. The existing trees in the northern section will be retained, while 23 climate-resistant trees (hop hornbeams) will be planted in the southern section. More green spaces and tactile systems to improve accessibility will also be created here. The right-of-way regulation will be changed in favour of cyclists, so that Eichendorffstraße will be designated as a continuous priority road and the previous right-before-left regulation will no longer apply. "This will also contribute to the safety of cyclists, who will no longer have to cross the main road," said the head of administration.

In summer 2021, the residents of Eichendorffstraße were involved in an online consultation. In the Committee for Construction, Environment, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Procurement on 29 March 2023, variant 4 of the draft implementation plans presented was approved. The construction project is expected to be completed in autumn 2024. As an ISEK project, 60 per cent of the eligible expenditure will be funded with urban development funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government. The intention is to submit an application for funding to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in order to relieve those liable for contributions of their contributions. The estimated costs for this measure are 2.5 million.