Hühlstraße and the Christuskirche

In the 14th century, the connection between Nordstraße and Nordwall was called "up den hule", from which Hühlstraße is derived. "Hule" could be an old word for "hollow", but it is not clear exactly how this relates to today's Hühlstraße.

The historical photos show Hühlstraße at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the street was particularly busy: The post office, registry office, schools, tailors, cattle trade and fire brigade - everything you needed was on Hühlstraße. And good beer, of course: Stiefel Jürgens was brewing beer as early as 1500 - the oldest brewery in Westphalia!

The foundation stone of Christuskirche was laid in 1883 - although it was called Luther Church at the time. But even before it was consecrated, cracks were discovered in the masonry, which became worse over time. The reason: the church stands above the former city moat and the stability of the ground is therefore irregular. In 1936, the Lutherkirche therefore had to be closed for the time being. It was not until 10 years later that work began on renovating and enlarging the church. It was finally rededicated as the Christuskirche in 1951.

Photo 1: Early 20th century
Photo 2: Early 20th century
Photo 3: April 2024