Civil engineering

2 roads are being renovated

For example, parking bays, junctions with red asphalt and pavements on both sides will be built. The street "Auf dem Völker" will become a one-way street between Prozessionsweg and Fontanestraße.

In order to carry out the work quickly, the roads will be fully closed in sections. The work will start in the street "Auf dem Völker" in the direction of Prozessionsweg, which is expected to be closed until November of this year.

Work will then be carried out on the "Weidenweg" up to the "Alter Hammweg" junction. Appropriate stopping restrictions will be put in place. The company carrying out the work will liaise with residents during the construction process to ensure that access to properties can be used as far as possible and waste disposal is guaranteed. The Weidenweg is expected to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2024.